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I started creating websites early on in my teens and soon it became my passion. I used to own a few websites and I even sold a couple of them. In those days, I also helped with SEO but as time went by, I focused mainly on design and mostly on websites for foreign startups from dribbble.com. From 2012, apart from designing, I started leading small teams in my job, and from 2015 i started working on projects as a fullstack developer. I am dad of 3 and helping together with my family the poor in the poorest region in slovakia

Working Experience

from 15JULY 2023 to

currently working here

I've joined the czech team on the way to save groupon from bankrupt

1 JULY 2021 - Sept 1 2023

I got a senior UX designer offer from Safetica Technologies with good salary for 1/2 time contract

1 JUN 2016 - 31 JAN 2019

me and my employee jan henneberg joined kiwi.com as their design team. they were our long-term client.

2005 TO Currently working here

working as self-employed currently since the beginning and from 2014 under my ents.co brand

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